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SHS Employee of the Year – Brett Rigazio

Mr. Rigazio - surrounded by students and up to his elbows in creativity....

At the Sandwich Public Schools’s Opening Convocation on September 2,  Dr. Ellin Booras, principal of the Sandwich High School, announced the SHS 2015 Employee of the Year with the following remarks:


Brett has deservedly earned the distinction of Teacher of the Year from Sandwich High School for the 2014-2015 school year. He has been tireless in his commitment to addressing issues of health and safety in the art classrooms. Brett’s commitment and dedication have brought about needed improvements throughout our school. He has been extraordinary in his dedication to looking out for our students. He works so hard to make sure that our art shows are celebrations of all student work. He has been an ambassador of Blue Knight Pride to students, parents, and colleagues.

In all matters of professional knowledge and professionalism as a member of the learning community 7-12, Brett has excelled.

This year, he was exemplary in matters of decision-making. In planning and decision-making at the school, and department level, he consistently contributed ideas and expertise critical to school improvement efforts.

Brett was amazing in his dedication to reaching out to our new STEM colleagues and for making them feel so welcome and valued here in a newly configured school. His support for these fine professionals is recognized and deeply appreciated.

Having said all of the above, perhaps the most treasured aspect of his work is through the eyes of the students who happily populate his classes. He has the ability to make each student feel treasured.  I so look forward to visiting his class as it truly is magic. His impact on student learning is extraordinary. His classroom functions like a studio replete with a high level of rigor accompanied by gentle and personalized feedback. Students of all grades and skill levels are engaged and respected. The classroom culture is unparalleled.

Brett has made an indelible difference in the lives of our SHS and STEM students. This past summer on bright sunny days, graduates returned even after their diplomas were framed and placed on the wall. They came back to finish a piece of pottery and to be around the teacher they admired and respected, a teacher who helped them uncover a new interest, aptitude, or source of pride and satisfaction.

Brett, your impact on students is indelible and lasting and you make a positive difference every day at Sandwich High School and STEM Academy.