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Thanks to Kiwanis Club of Sandwich – Special Rocking Chairs for K-2 Forestdale Students

By Sarah Murray, Math Interventionist – Forestdale School

Through a grant the Kiwanis Club of Sandwich offered to our school district, I was able to purchase a Zuma rocking chair for each classroom at Forestdale.   The Zuma rocking chair is a small rocker that looks similar to a regular chair and will fit at a desk or in circle time.  Rocking chair research has revealed that rocking helps students better adapt and focus in the learning environment.  The gentle motion of the rocking chair can accommodate the need to move while listening and working in the classroom.  The rocking helps children stay focused and on task.

Last year our PTA purchased two Zuma chairs for each of our Kindergarten classrooms at Forestdale.  The teachers found the chairs extremely helpful and voiced that they wished all of the chairs could be Zuma rockers.  Kindergarten teacher Suzanne Perdigao wrote:

“ The rocking seats that were purchased for my kindergarten room have been a wonderful success.  For some children who have difficulties with self-control, attention, and sensory issues, these chairs have made a significant difference in their success during rug and work times. The seats provide an outlet for movement without disrupting the class.  I have seen a decrease in the number of disruptions and behavioral interventions at circle time. I think that the chair helps the children feel more successful as well.  They are a wonderful tool to have in our classroom.”

This was written by our Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Elliott:

“The rocking feature has a wonderful calming effect enabling students to focus and attend.  As a result there have been fewer interruptions and more time on learning.  Therefore, the whole class benefits!  The chairs have made a difference.”

A Zuma chair in use

A Zuma chair in use

Thanks to the generosity of the Kiwanis of Sandwich and the mission of the Levreault Trust to make funds available that benefit the youth of Sandwich, each K-2 classroom at Forestdale will have a Zuma rocker.  A special thank you to Kiwanis from all of us at Forestdale School!

You can learn more about the research that supports this initiative here:

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