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Update: Community Access to the Pool @ SHS

by Stephanie Hall, Jay McGrail and Nancy Crossman (Chair) – Sandwich School Committee

Members of the Pool Subcommittee of the Sandwich School Committee (Jay McGrail, Nancy Crossman and Stephanie Hall) have been working diligently for months on the issue of community access to the pool at Sandwich High School.

As Jay discussed at the 11/18/15 School Committee meeting, we have encountered some financial challenges to implementing community access outside of school hours. Because we cannot use K-12 education dollars to do the renovation work that is required, we must find an outside source for funding. We also need to find a management partner to facilitate community use.

First we must tackle the access portion of this project; then the management component. There must be separate rear access to the pool with handicapped and regular parking, a vestibule for check-in on the pool deck and renovation work done in the men’s and women’s locker rooms to separate areas for community and school use. Some of this work can be done in-house with our facilities’ staff and existing materials.

For the rest of the required funding, The Pool SubCommittee has decided to submit a request to the Community Preservation Act under the recreation provision. We expect these remaining costs to be approximately $25K in this application.  A CPA assessment is already included in your tax bills; this project will not raise that assessment. Once we are able to complete our renovation work, we will be able to finalize our ‘Request For Proposal’ for pool facility management and send it along to interested management companies.

We are very strong proponents of our community’s access to this wonderful, unique resource and we are asking for your support as we work to bring this to fruition. Please email us with your feedback on this issue by December 15, 2015 so that we may include it with our CPA application due January 15, 2016. The email address is: 

Thank you!