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STEM Academy Mathematicians Featured in National Magazine!

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the “public voice for mathematics education”, publishes several monthly journals designed to promote enhanced learning opportunities in math classrooms. In one section of the journal, writers seek out creative student solutions to problems, sharing and celebrating the many ways to that students consider, uncover, and solve problems. One such question was posed in the March 2015 issue of “Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School”, presented for mathematics teachers to give to their students.

Kate Carl of the STEM Academy gave the following question to the grade 7 and 8 students in her Puzzles, Patterns, and Predictions STEM elective class. The students worked on the problem independently outside of the classroom, without assistance from their teacher. Ms. Carl submitted several responses to the journal, and two students’ entries were chosen for publication in the November 2015 issue of “Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School!”

The solutions designed and explained by Maddie Wojciechowski (presently a grade 9 student at Sandwich High School) and Cameron Kelly (presently a grade 8 student at the STEM Academy) were featured in this National Journal. Congratulations!

Click to download the three pages with Maddie and Cameron’s solutions.

mtms article 1

mtms article 2

mtms article 3