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A Special 100th Day Collection

All of the kindergarten students gathered together to count donations.

By Kindergarten Teachers

Across kindergarten, students celebrated the 100th day of school in a variety of ways. From Zero the Hero capes with 100 items, to necklaces, games, art projects, counting, and collections of 100, this day represents 100 days of learning! A number of kindergarten classrooms decided to make a very special 100 day collection. Our goal? To see if we could bring in 100 non-perishable food items to donate to the Sandwich Food Pantry.
 100 days in kindergarten #2
Children were asked to bring in one item each. Classes joined together to count our donations. We discussed  whether to count by 1’s or 10’s. As a group we decided counting by tens would be a quicker and easier way to count. Children bagged items in groups of ten. We then counted our bags, labeled them, and discovered we had surpassed our goal! We had collected 221 food items to give to the food pantry!
The children learned not only about place value, but about the value of giving. By each person giving just a little, we were able to contribute a lot. Thanks to the many families that donated! 
100 days in kindergarten #3