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Rolling Through a Winter Numberland

by Sarah Murray, Math Interventionist – Forestdale School

As a community of learners, Forestdale kindergarten, first, and second grades created and measured life-size snowmen to brighten our hallways and winter months.

Kindergarten and First grade students measured snowballs with unifix cubes, learning to measure without any spaces in Snowman copybetween the cubes.  

They then wrote the measurement on the snowballs and assembled their snowmen from small to big.  Once completed, they decided as a team how to decorate their snowman.

Snowmen_on_parade copy

Second grade students were given  measurements for each snowball.  They worked in teams to figure out how to measure correctly in inches and then draw a circle to cut out.

Their snowmen were 5 feet, once assembled.  They then agreed upon decorations for their snowman.

This measurement unit follows the standards in each grade for measurement.  The more authentic and hands on a math lesson is, the more understanding is developed. The  measurement and data standards easily lend themselves to give us a chance to give students  real life authentic experiences.

The snowmen activity  also follows the standards for early childhood social/emotional learning as the students worked in groups, making decisions, compromising,  and cooperating to complete this project.

Our snowmen are throughout the hallways of Forestdale brightening this winter month!

Stop in and view the measurement project the entire school community worked on together!

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