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Feedback from Families that Informed the 2016-2017 Calendar

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In February and early March, the Sandwich Public Schools and the School Committee sent a survey link to all families in the district asking for their feedback about decisions to be made for the 2016-2017 School Calendar. There was tremendous participation, which was much appreciated.

The calendar has been voted upon; you can view and download it here: 2016-2017 Sandwich School Calendar -Final (1)

Below are the results of the calendar survey. Many people also wrote comments to reinforce what they had selected for their preference in the Q&A section of the survey. This was not a sophisticated scientific survey, or a vote. It was noted by many that the survey didn’t allow them to indicate that they had children in multiple grades. Some folks answered the more than once in order to register their preferences from different grade levels.

It is also noteworthy that there were some surprises – last year the district set up a dedicated email address and asked some of the same questions, including the one about starting Before/After Labor Day. Last year’s results indicated a 50/50 split. This year’s results were different and the School Committee took notice.

The results, in graph form, are indicated below: