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We are 2020! Celebrating Blue Knight Pride at SHS!

by Dr. Ellin Booras, Principal – SHS
Reflections on We are 2020 kick off! – March 31, 2016
Driving home tonight, I could not wait to write down some reflections on the day’s events. Today was the kick off for our  We are 2020 events. At 9:30, all members  of the current  eight grade were invited to the auditorium to begin  their journey unified as the Class of 2020! Our hope was that these wonderful young people would emerge from the event with a level of awareness that they are not only the 8th grade in STEM, but rather, they are the Class of 2020 of Sandwich High School!
The event began with an inspiring  performance from Sandwich Soul! Melinda Lasit and her talented crew performed two numbers including one mixed especially for the Class of 2020! Quickly following the performance, we cued up the Class of 2014 lip dub, an amazing student production encapsulating the magic of Blue Knight Pride!  Then, we all enjoyed a preview of our school musical, Into the Woods filmed by a drone camera! It was all very STEM inspired! Our new members of SHS were fascinated by the technology!
Neil Murphy, Administrator for Athletics,  and three terrific student athletes gave powerful and welcoming addresses about the success of former STEM students who have already made a positive difference at the high school level while encouraging all STEM students to try new sports and to look at freshman year as a chance to re-invent self expectations.
We are 2020! BKP Tee-Shirts for all.

We are 2020! BKP Tee-Shirts for all.

Then, Chris Dumas, our senior mentoring coordinator took the stage and  designated  55 exceptional  seniors to groups of grade 8 students. They proudly flowed into the lobby where they were greeted by our friendly guidance staff and school nurse who helped distribute new tee- shirts bearing the now iconic  BKP logo on the front and We are 2020 on the back!
Then, the magic really soared as senior mentors shepherded their new charges out to the DeConto stadium for  thirty minutes of great team building activities. Watching the awe and  joy expressed by the 8th graders as they stepped out onto the beautiful field upon which they would graduate in 4 short years was very moving.
 games on field #4
Mr. Newton, and staff members including  Mat Costello, beloved grade 7/8 health teacher; Lynn Donaghue, freshman guidance counselor; Kathy Lucas, Director of Guidance, Mike McNeill; mentor teacher and Chris Dumas enjoyed the sunshine watching the mentors at work.
Visiting  from group to group, I observed mentors, also clad in their 2020 jerseys,  gently  confiding in the 8th graders that they would soon be the Class of 2020 in college;  expressing their own anticipation and mix of emotions. The level of resonance was unexpected, but universally embraced. The skilled mentors effortlessly guided the 8th graders through a series of great team building activities bringing smiles and laughter to the eager members of  2020!
 games on field #2
In closing, I  know I can speak for Mr. Newton, who was beaming with pride, in saying we could not have been more impressed by the polite, energized and spirited soon to be high school freshmen. They are destined to be great ambassadors of Blue Knight Pride.They are  a tribute to their families and STEM teachers.  I will cherish the laughter and their  chants of  BKP! BKP!  BKP!  as we turned the page together today, and truly became a place of welcome for the Class of 2020!
Now, the fun continues as students wearing We are 2020 tee shirts can receive reduced admission at Into the Woods, the school musical which opens tonight on April 1. Any day anytime a SHS athlete sees a  student wearing a We are 2020 tee shirt throughout the school, our new classmates could receive some great gifts and surprises!
Lots more ahead  as we roll out the welcome carpet for our incoming freshmen who proudly announced to the world; We are 2020!
games on field #3