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Fun and Informative Parent Cafe: First in a Series

by Patti Leary, Literacy  Coach – Forestdale School

On the evening of Wednesday March 30, 2016 five educators and 28 families got together in the Forestdale Library to discuss the challenges and successes of raising happy, confident children.

Children were treated to pizza from Moto’s and fun and games with SHS volunteers from the Key Club.  Parents heard a presentation from school Social Worker Dianna Barbosa and Behaviorist Melissa Williamson based on the work of author Lynn Reeves-Griffin in the book Negotiation Generation : Take Back Your Parental Authority Without Punishment and were treated to dinner and dessert provided by Marshland Too and the Coffee Table Bakery.

Following the presentation, parents were invited to ask questions and discuss particular behavioral concerns with Mrs. Barbosa and Mrs. Williamson. Brandy Clifford, Math Coach; Lauren Melillo, Sandwich Partnership for Families Coordinator; and Patti Leary, Literacy Coach, were on hand to answer any additional questions or concerns.   Parents were treated to a copy of the book discussed as well as the children’s book What if Everybody Did That? by Colleen M. Madden.

Ms. Williamson, Ms. Barbosa, Ms. Clifford, Ms. Melillo and Ms. Leary

Ms. Williamson, Ms. Barbosa, Ms. Clifford, Ms. Leary and Ms. Melillo – the Forestdale School Parent Cafe Team

Parental feedback was positive and many left with some new tips or techniques to try at home.  One mom was quoted as saying that she was happy to gain some new information but that it was also nice to know they are doing something right!

This Parent Café was a first in a series and the Forestdale Team looks forward to planning another successful evening.