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Underwater Robots Coming to SHS/STEM Academy on MAY 7th!

The Sandwich STEM Academy is proud to be sponsoring  the New England MATE ROV competition and Technology Expo  Saturday May 7th  (8:30-3:30)

In the preceding months, teams from across New England have been busy creating underwater robots-otherwise known as ROVs (Remote Operating Vehicles).  The 2016 challenge is called:

From the Gulf of Mexico to Jupiter’s Moon Europa: ROV Encounters in Inner and Outer Space

 The ROVs entering the competition must be designed with a dual purpose in mind.  They have to be able to function in the harsh environments of both the deep ocean as well as in outer space.  On Saturday the ROVs will be put to the ultimate challenge in the Sandwich High School pool.  ROVs will need to survive a variety of tasks including: collecting data, deploying instrumentation, recovering and repairing equipment as well as photographing and collecting samples. The winner of this event will be invited to the international event in Houston Texas.

“The MATE (marine advanced technology education) competition is an engineering competition that challenges students to apply the physics, math, electronics, and engineering skills they are learning in the classroom to solving problems from the marine workplace.  The competition challenges K-12, community college, and university students from all over the world to design and build ROVs to tackle missions modeled after real world scenarios.”       ( ).

The Sandwich STEM Academy is excited to be entering in the beginner class of this event.  Attendees, on May 7th, will also be able to view the remarkable entrants in the intermediate and advanced class challenges as well as peruse the Technology EXPO.  The EXPO will allow attendees to find out more about some of our local technology companies and schools. Many organizations will be represented at this event  including the Association to Preserve Cape Cod, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, OceansWide, the Waquoit Bay Science School, Lockheed Martin, Oceaneering, AmeriCorps, Bristol Community College, Army Corps of Engineers, Cape Cod Community College, the National Fisheries, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Administration.

Students have put a lot of time in to preparing for this event and we hope you will join us in cheering on our local team (led by their STEM Academy engineering teacher Ginger Lavelle) as well as the other students from schools and colleges throughout New England.

The submersible robotic challenge is free and open to the public.