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Bus Route Revisions #1

Since the bus routes were posted on Thursday, there have been some revisions to the bus stop locations. It is possible there will be additional revisions before school starts, and perhaps even after school starts – we will post them on Sandwich Learns Together and update the website as well. You can also expect to see postings on facebook directing you to the updates!

You may view and download all the routes, here: Bus Routes 16-17 Revision #1

NOTE: Each school has its own tab, and the revisions – new bus stops – are on their own tab.

If you are unable to download and open the spreadsheets, each school is posted as a PDF on the District Website and the changes are listed as a separate page. – or, more directly –

We have started a Social Media initiative to provide information with the communication tools most frequently used by busy families. 

  • Dr. Gould will be posting on facebook and twitter, and soon – on instagram! Details here:
  • Each of our schools are now posting on facebook, and continuing with their twitter accounts. All the links are here: