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Share your Thoughts about the Sandwich Public Schools in Online Survey

The Sandwich Public Schools has begun the process of creating a District Improvement Strategy that will guide us in our decision making for the next five years. We have chosen this name as we believe it indicates the scope of what we intend to accomplish for the District. Traditionally this is referred to as the District’s Strategic Plan.

There are two components currently underway.

One component is an anonymous online survey which will help guide us in making decisions during this process. We would like the input of current and past SPS families – of parents, guardians, and students. You can simply copy this link and paste it in your browser:

Over 500 respondents have already completed the survey, for which we are very appreciative. Please join them – we are setting a deadline of Friday November 11th so we can start sorting and analyzing the responses in advance of our first meeting.

Another component is the creation of a District Improvement Strategy Committee to represent the perspectives of all stakeholders in the Sandwich Public Schools. We are looking for three parents and three community members to join a diverse group of teachers, students and administrators. When we have more than three volunteers from any particular group, we will choose names out of a hat. (And feel grateful to have such interest from our community!)

The first meeting will occur on Saturday November 19th from 8am to 2pm at the high school library. At this meeting we will discuss future meeting dates and decide whether weeknights or Saturdays are best for everyone. The committee will meet approximately one time per month. There may be some work that is needed outside of these meetings but that work will be reasonable and not overwhelming.

If you would like to volunteer your time, please email Dr. Pam Gould, Superintendent, at by Friday November 11th. If you have any questions about volunteering, or the process, please also send an email. We will answer any questions you have.

Thank you so much for supporting the Sandwich Public Schools.

Pam Gould, Ed.D.
Sandwich Public Schools
33 Water Street
Sandwich, MA 02563