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Oak Ridge School’s Celebration of Veteran’s Day

veterans-day-4The Exploring the 7C’s classes participated in the “Bring a Veteran to School” program last week. We were honored to have veterans from Sandwich come to speak with our classes. The “Bring a Vet to School Day” program encourages schools and communities to invite veterans of all backgrounds to share their stories and receive thanks for their service. This event provided a way for our students to learn more about the history of Veterans Day and about the experiences of veterans from all backgrounds and walks of life.veterans-day-5


We are grateful for the men and women in our community who serve our country.

A special thank you to the veterans who volunteered their time to educate our students: Paul Chapin, Richard Nycz, Dick Auclaire, Mandy Rivett, Wayne MacDonald, Kevin Sareault, William Matthews, Richard Schultz, Jim McGrail, John Fleet, and Christopher Barrett.veterans-day-3