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School Committee Update – March, 2017

by Stephanie Hall, Vice Chair

At our meeting this past Wednesday, we had an agenda packed with interesting items and I thought it would be valuable to share some highlights!  

Dr. Ellin Booras was recognized for her many years of service to Sandwich High School and the School Committee congratulated her on her upcoming retirement.  Dr. Gould reported that Maureen Wiklund would be leading a search committee for the SHS Principal position.  True to her word, Dr. Gould provided a basket full of names of parents who had volunteered to serve in this capacity.  Sue Sundermeyer and Keri Stack were chosen as parent representatives and they join Kerri Ames from the School Committee.  Teachers, students and other administrators will round out this group and they will be tasked with presenting final interview candidates for Dr. Gould’s review and decision.  Thank you to all who volunteered their assistance.

Through the Superintendent’s Report this week, Dr. Gould also shared her thoughts regarding some recent conversations in both print and social media regarding the District’s efforts to combat bullying.  While there are ongoing efforts in this area each year, Dr. Gould will be researching some new programs to add in the near future.  

Another highlight of Wednesday’s meeting was the renewal of the AquaSafe Swim Programs contract with the Sandwich School Committee with unanimous support.  AquaSafe is the vendor hired to run community swimming at the Sandwich High School pool and programs include childrens’ swim lessons, a swim/dive team, master’s swimming and open family swim.  Revenue from the pool facility rental is segregated in the facility revolving account for pool use only and will be used for maintenance and repair when necessary.  The School Committee has received numerous emails expressing support and appreciation for these efforts and we are pleased to continue our relationship with AquaSafe!  

The 2017-2018 calendar discussion continued on Wednesday and changes in the start date, from before to after Labor Day this year and realignment of some half days for Professional Development to coincide with three day weekends were items of note.  The full Committee asked the Policy subcommittee to explore the previous suggestion of creating a policy to determine the start day each year, based on when Labor Day falls each year.  You can click here for a link to the approved 2017-1018 Calendar….   2017-2018 Sandwich-district-calendar Final

Our next School Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 7pm at Town Hall.  As always, please feel free to reach out us anytime!