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Student Representative Report March 29, 2017


Students at Forestdale continue to stay focused and hard a work through the long school month of March.  Recently, students have been engaged in many STEM related activities across the grades.  Students have been seen designing and building bridges, building traps for leprechauns using simple machines, and learning about the ways plants and animals adapt to their environment.  

This week several of our kindergarten students will also be performing in a special chorus concert that is the culmination of a before school club.  Students in all grades have had an opportunity to participate in chorus in a before school club at different points this year.

Kindergarten registration for the 2017-2018 school year is ongoing and we are excited to welcome this new group to our forestdale family.  


Parent teacher conferences are currently going on with evening conferences for grades 5 & 6 tonight.

 MCAS begins on Monday.  ELA testing will take place throughout the month of April and Math will be going on during May.  Please consult the schools website for dates for specific grades.
Next week will bring our grade 5 students to the Commonwealth Museum in Boston.  Thank you to the PTA for their support.
We will also enjoy Bingo night on Friday, April 7th
April 12th we will host a Calmer Choice Parent Information meeting from 6:30-8 in the Oak Ridge Library.  All are welcome.


Several students from the 8th grade science program recently Skyped with the Boston Museum of Science and shared their astronomy kit projects. The kits were critiqued by a Museum representative in charge of the planetarium.
Several STEM Academy students also presented their projects at the recent Science on the Street at the Cape Cod Community College. These included students from the ELA, science, and engineering classes.
The 7th grade is preparing for field trips to the Whydah Pirate Museum on April 11 and 12. This will be followed up by a visit from author Martin Sandler who recently wrote a book about the Whydah.
The STEM Academy has received a $5,000 grant from the Biogen Corporation to support the study of biodiversity on Cape Cod. The 7th grade will be involved in a Headstart program to protect the threatened spadefoot toad and working with the Audubon Society will also be visiting their sanctuary at Long Meadow in Barnstable. The 8th grade will also use this grant money to study renewable energy on Cape Cod.
The clothing drive organized by Project 351 Ambassador Jack Burgess has been successful. Final tallies of clothing collected will be announced later.
And everyone is looking forward to this year’s musical “Grease.”
Thoughts of spring abound at the castle! Spring sports underway ! Grade ten MCAS in ELA all done with students working hard and feeling confident! Junior guidance meetings in process as students plan out their senior year! BKP goes retro on Friday with a school wide 50’s day to enjoy as we gear up for opening night of Grease! Students and staff are excited to hear that our venerable senator, Don Franke, has been selected social studies teacher of the year! The response from the freshmen to serve as mentors for next year’s grade 7 class has been outstanding ! And here is a thought Grade 7 will graduate in 2023!! Imagine!