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7C’s 3rd Annual Cardboard Challenge

by Kristin MacDonald & Kara Black, Oak Ridge School 7 C’s teachers

On Friday night, October 20th, the Oak Ridge cafeteria was full with over 150 participants in the 7C’s Cardboard Challenge, part of the Imagination Foundation’s 6th Annual Global Cardboard Challenge. This was  a worldwide celebration of child creativity inspired by the short film, “Caine’s Arcade.”

This year’s Global Cardboard Challenge engaged many students and their families in creative play. During their Exploring the 7C’s class, students designed and built games and other creations from cardboard, recycled materials, and their imaginations. At home, students let their creativity fly and built cardboard creations to bring to the “Day of Play.” We saw everything from an office built out of recyclables to a fortune telling station. Students were engaged in countless arcade games that stretched throughout the cafeteria and multipurpose room. The 7C’s Parent Committee was selling popcorn to raise money for future 7C’s initiatives.   It was inspiring to see our community come together for a Global Day of Play, celebrating creativity and imaginations of children all over the world.