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The Oak Ridge 7Cs Community Action Day is back for 2018!

*Update 11/16/18*  Event rescheduled to Sunday, 11/18/19 – 9am due to weather conditions this week!

Demonstrating Gratitude for the Seniors in our Community

This year’s Community Action Day will be held on Saturday, November 17th from 9am – 12pm, with a kick-off at the Oak Ridge School. Again this year, the Sandwich Council on Aging has provided us with the names of senior community members who could use our help. Families and students can get a group together (with one adult leader), bring their yard clean-up essentials and receive your assigned home address at Oak Ridge at 9am Saturday.

We talked with Mrs. Kristin MacDonald and Mrs. Kara Black, 7Cs teachers at Oak Ridge to get some history on this great program. The first Community Action Day was held in 2015 at the start of the 7Cs program at Oak Ridge. As one of the 7 “C”s is “Community”, Mrs. MacDonald and Mrs. Black looked for ways to help their students express gratitude and learn to help others in our community. The number of participants in the Community Action Day is between 50-75 and consists students, families, staff members and girl scout groups and the numbers grow each year. We’ve even seen some Oak Ridge alumni helping out!

Mrs. MacDonald continued, “We partner with the Council on Aging and they have given us about 8 seniors each year who could use our service to help clean up their yards. We have gone to some of the same houses over the years, and the same volunteers sometimes end up back helping the same senior. We have seen beautiful connections being made between generations. It really opens our eyes to the wonderful and caring people we have in Sandwich!”

For more information or to volunteer your time (and muscle!), click on the following link for more information: 2018 Oak Ridge Community Action Day