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Congratulations Class of 2019 John & Abigail Adams Scholarship Recipients!

The John and Abigail Adams Scholarship is a merit-based program that provides a financial reward to its recipients who attend a Massachusetts state college or university.  Students must achieve a score in the “Advanced” category on one of the three high school MCAS assessments, “Proficient” or “Advanced” scores on the remaining two exams and a combined MCAS score that ranks in the top 25% in their school district.

The Sandwich Public Schools administration is very proud to announce the following John & Abigail Adams Scholarship award recipients… Congratulations to all!

Alec Abramson              Evan Abramson                Richard Amsel           Jacquelyn Beaulieu
Olivia Bishop                 Alexis Bohanna                 Maxine Bouvier         Jenna Buttrick
Chloe Catalini                Mia DeFelice                      Maxcy Denmark        Caroline Dillon
Christopher Fagnant    Kari Gould                         Ashley Govoni            John Greenhalgh
Robert Haggerty            Marguerite Hammond   Peter Harmon             Maximilian Hart
Garrett Hollett               Morgan Howes                 Emily Hunt                  Brandon Kramer
John Kuchar                   Joshua Kutcher                 Jacob Lapp                  Jocelyn Lavelle
Matthew Loynd             Kelsea McCabe                  Patricia McGinty       Jason McMahon
Ethan Monterrey          Cameron Ottaviano          Matthew Pentoney   Stephanie Quinn
Olivia Rowe                    Liam Rypka                       Layla Sastry               Emily Seeley
Matthew Serdy              Jonathan Stutzman          Haley Swartz-Enos   Steven Tanguilig
Emily Torok                   Luke Urribarri                   Jennifer Wegman    Tyler Wudyka
Mikayla Zylich