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2019-2020 Volunteers of the Year – PTA

Each year, the Sandwich Public Schools honors someone who has contributed to making our schools great for kids.  This year, we honored the Sandwich Elementary PTA & the Sandwich STEM Academy/Sandwich High School PTSA.  As a group, the members of this group work collaboratively to raise funds to provide opportunitied for students that would not otherwise be available.  They also provide social and educational experiences for students at all of our schools. The PTA & the PTSA are an incredibly hard-working group with thoughtful and responsive leaders.

Elementary PTA Officers


PTSA: Volunteers of the year: 

  • Kristin Sareault, Co-President 
  • Maya Carpenter, Treasurer 
  • Laurie Tompkins, Secretary 
  • Wendy Herren, Vice-President 
  • Tammy McDevitt 
  • Lesley Harmon 
  • Mary Cox 

Grade 7-12 Activities include:

  • STEM Snack Shacks
  • Grade 8 Class trip funding support
  • STEM field trips funding support
  • Halloween at Heritage fundraiser
  • Last best Craft Fair Fundraiser (just last weekend)
  • Trivia Night Fundraiser at Town Hall
  • Permanent motivational signs throughout SHS and STEM 
  • Faculty Breakfasts
  • Organize Minute-To-Win-It games at STEM dances, providing prizes for games
  • Funding assists for SHS and STEM teacher initiatives through the PTSA Grant Program

Grade K-6 Support for Teachers and Schools and Activities for students Include:

  • Grade level grants to defer costs of projects
  • Social events: ice cream socials, sugar plum shop (so kids can buy inexpensive gifts for family), movie nights, bingo.
  • Equipment – stand up desks, rugs, flexible seats
  • Provide food for students in need
  • Gifts of books for needy students
  • Art History
  • Just to name a few.