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Celebrating 20 Years in Sandwich – Forestdale Staff – Katie McAdams, Jenny Linkkila, and Sarah Murray

Principal Chris Dintino shared the following remarks, as three Forestdale staff members were congratulated by Dr. Gould and School Committee Chair Sean Rausch…. 

Katie McAdams 

Katie started teaching Grade 3 for 1 year at Oakridge school and then moved to Grade 2 permanently. She is the ultimate Team player who has a solid understanding of the curriculum and her expertise of sound practice. 

She continually shares new resources and strategies with her colleagues. Katie’s writer’s workshop is a big priority for her as she makes it meaningful to her students. 

Katie has a great “dry” sense of humor that keeps the grade 2 team on its toes. 




Jenny Linkkila  

Jenny started her career at Wing School, hired by Matt Bridges and started out working with Sue Kern. She moved from Wing to Forestdale as the Title 1 Coordinator. She has been teaching Reading Recovery for 12 years. She is witty and makes her team and our school laugh with her awesome jingles, songs and poems. Her latest one about the secretaries was epic! She and Sue Kern were known to make cakes based on testing books for Reading Recovery students. 




Sarah Murray 

Sarah was a hard-working teacher and continues that work ethic as an administrator. For years she has worked to find the best way to teach students mathematics. She supported teaching, bringing professional learning to Forestdale. Math Recovery, LindaMood Bell, Jo Boaler book studies, Marilyn Burns are just some of the people and ideas Sarah has shared. 

She believes in a team approach, so that we learn from each other, and that we are better together. Positive, supportive and encouraging to staff, she always there to brainstorm a solution, lead an ear, a piece of candy and sometimes , if you are lucky, Twin Acres ice cream. 

When Forestdale was a K-8, before social emotional learning was a focus, Sarah ran numerous boys and girls groups for 7th/8th grade students. Kids delighted in working with her; often writing her special notes about how much they loved math and….. Of course her hair. 

Her family (both work and personal) is everything to her and we are very lucky to have her as part of Forestdale.