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About Us

Welcome to  Sandwich Learns Together, the online magazine of the Sandwich Public Schools.  Our school district values an engaged and informed community, and we’re proud to share articles that support and celebrate students, faculty and staff, from Pre-Kindergarten all the way through Grade 12.

Sandwich Learns Together is our online source to:

  • Provide official district information from the Superintendent’s Office
  • Promote the accomplishments of students, faculty and staff
  • Support school functions and activities
  • Connect readers to related resources


  • Visit often to stay up-to-date on school topics
  • Subscribe! You can receive email notifications and choose the frequency of the updates
  • Share our content across your social networks.  Feel free to send people to us, using the link: You will also find social share buttons across our pages.

For information about specific district services, such as special education and athletics, please visit our central website @, where you will find links to each of our schools, details about curriculum, contact information for the Sandwich School Committee and more.

All content at Sandwich Learns Together is approved by the Office of the Superintendent.

Thank you!


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  1. Please call me. I miss you. Do you even remember me? I never lied to you – I lied to myself. I have tried to contact you so many times – in between all my ops. I hope I have the right Tony (Anthony) Tully. If this has been sent to wrong person, please ignore and delete. Thank you

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