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Celebrating 20 Years of Carol Archambeault – Creating Readers and Writers in 6th Grade

Oak Ridge Principal Trish Hill spoke with admiration about Carol Archambealt at the 2019 Employee Recognition Celebration…..

The thing I love most about Carol Archambeault is how she holds high expectations for all students.  She is driven by her love of Literacy and he firmly held belief that all kids can learn and grow. She is proud of her students and her work with them.   Last year Carol asked to show me some of the work her students had done. I was impressed to see the quality of the writing her students had produced. I was particularly impressed with the high level of achievement she was able to reach with some of her most needy students. 

The message Carol imparts on her students is that hard work and excellence are an expectation and that she won’t give up on them.  The work her students produce consistently shows this expectation toward excellence. Carol is that teacher who pushes you to achieve and when you look back years later, you realize the impact of her influence.    

In addition to her outstanding work with her students, Carol also serves as a mentor to new staff and is a leader in her department and her grade level.

Carol, on behalf of the hundreds of students you have taught over your career, thank you for pushing them to see themselves as competent and capable, to see themselves as readers and writers, to see themselves as learners.  Please join me in Congratulating Carol on her 20 years of outstanding service to the Sandwich Public Schools.