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Celebrating 30 Years of Cathy Lemay Teaching in Sandwich!

At the Employee Recognition Ceremony, Oak Ridge Principal Trish Hill shared her thoughts about Cathy Lemay and her special talents….

Cathy Lemay is a rare gem.  She has the ability to really see kids, to read the smallest of gestures and know what they need in that moment and then adapt to fit the situation.  I don’t know if it comes from her experience teaching in grades 3, 5, or 6, whether it is from her training as a Special Educator or as a Specialist, teaching exploring the 7C’s, but I expect it comes from her experience as an actress.   People who know Cathy know her passion for the theater.  She performs in local productions, is our school’s drama coach and can often be found singing and dancing around the building, sometimes I don’t even know if she’s aware she’s doing it.

Cathy often draws on this theatrical experience… she talks about her set and her props (classroom and materials), her costume (her outfit), having her script (her units and lesson plans) among other things and when the kids come in it is  curtains up and ready showtime! Like many actors, she secretly wants to be a director and will often give me director’s notes after I lead community meetings or faculty meetings….I’m sure I’ll get some after tonight as well…..everyone’s a critic!

Maybe it is the acting,  the keen observation of human behavior that makes her so tuned into a student’s body language,, the story telling that helps her develop the arch of a lesson, and the improvisation skills that help her handle changes and the unpredictable nature of working with kids, or the director in her that has the vision and plan.   Whatever it is, whether it the training from university or PD, the experience in different grades, subjects and fields, or the acting chops….we are grateful for the magic that is Cathy Lemay.

 As a school we are grateful for her dedication, her skill, her leadership and at 30 years… her grit and perseverance on the behalf of kids.   Please join me in congratulating Cathy Lemay on her 30 years of service to the children and families of Sandwich.