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Many Thanks to Carolyn Hite – 30 years of Teaching, Supporting, Nurturing Students at SHS

SHS/STEM Principal Jim Mulcahy spoke with appreciation about Carolyn Hite and her contributions to the Sandwich Public Schools….

Carolyn Hite:  

Carolyn has been a Special Educator at SHS for 30 years – imagine the number of students she has supported and taught over those years!  She is extremely dedicated to the well-being of our students and has developed a program that provides what each individual student needs to be successful.  Carolyn has also provided training for our staff in the areas of trauma and social emotional health.

Everyone at STEM and SHS also appreciates that Carolyn is extremely thoughtful and caring for everyone in our building…it goes unmatched.  Each year she writes, produces & performs skits and poem for retiring staff. Carolyn also contributes to our school community as the caretaker of the Student Memorial Garden. Most recently, Carolyn earned the Staff Member of the Year award this past year for her constant supportive work with our students.  She didn’t like the accolades and attention on our Opening Day when presented with the Staff Member of the Year Award and she may not be enjoying the attention today, but all of us at STEM and SHS are appreciative of Carolyn and all her contributions and pleased to be honoring her 30 years of service today.