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Expressing Deep Appreciation for Tammy Gibbs, Sandwich Public School’s Employee of the Year!

Michelle Austin, Director of Finance and Business Operations, spoke about Tammy Gibbs, the district’s Coordinator of Special Education Transportation.

Having known the recipient of the employee of the year for the last ten years. I have come to know her quite well both professionally and personally.  She was one of my first friends in Sandwich and she has kept me laughing ever since.

Professionally, she is a dream to work with.  After close to twenty years of service for the schools she remains dedicated to the children of Sandwich.  She is one of my go to employees.  If there are issues that take some thought, she is the one to sit and brainstorm with.  She is one of the most hard working, responsible people I know.  She will always go the extra mile to solve an issue or to help out a fellow employee.  She is always the first one with a kind word, going from office to office, finding out how everyone is doing.  She is also one of the strongest people I have ever met.  No matter what she is dealing with personally, she is always present, with a big smile on her face, ready to work, never thinking of herself.  She almost seems superhuman.

Personally, she is a devoted wife and mom to her kids.  Just like her mom, her family is everything to her.   When she isn’t working for the schools or taking care of her family, she takes part in running her family’s business, caters occasionally and is very active in the community.  Ok, she doesn’t seem superhuman, she is superhuman.

Nobody I know is more deserving of this award than her.   I present the school employee of the year award to Tammy Gibbs Theirwechter.