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Celebrating Ellen Mantenfel’s 30 Years of Contributions to the Sandwich Public Schools

Oak Ridge Principal Trish Hill shared her appreciation for the various and important ways Ellen Mantenfel has supported students and staff in Sandwich…

Being an educator is an investment of one’s self in the hopes and dreams of others.  Ellen Mantenfel has embodied that investment during her 30 years of outstanding service to the children and families of Sandwich.

We were lucky enough to have Ellen join the team in Sandwich 30 years ago as a Speech Pathologist.  Being a true life-long learner, she continued her education in elementary education with a focus on Literacy.  During her career, Mrs. Mantenfel has served as a Speech and Language teacher, a first grade teacher , as a Literacy Coach and most recently as a Reading Interventionist.   She has served as a mentor for others in both speech and literacy. As a literacy coach she has been an advocate for teachers and has lead them in high quality Professional Development.  She has trained new hires to the district in the methods and pedagogy of the Literacy Model that has transformed Reading, Writing and Word Study education in Sandwich. Mrs. Mantenfel has pushed our veteran faculty to question, consider and stretch their expertise in order to personalize the education of the children in front of them.  Currently, Ellen analyzes data, runs data team meetings and uses this information to lead our team to catch students who otherwise may have slipped through the cracks. Mrs.Mantenfel implements interventions that will ultimately affect how these children see themselves as a reader and as a learner.  

There are few that are more passionate about Literacy than Mrs. Mantenfel.  They say that the reading you do as a child shapes you in a way that no other reading in your life can.  In her work, Mrs. Mantenfel has not only helped shaped the lives of the children in her care, but has shaped the people they will become.  So although we acknowledge and recognize the past 30 years of service she has given; we also celebrate the legacy of the future she has helped shape for years to come.