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Reorganization Planning Team: Getting Started…

One of the most important components of the planning and creation of our newly reorganized Elementary Schools is the involvement of staff, parents, and community members in two different teams: The Reorganization Planning Team (RPT) and the Collaborative Design Team (CDT).  The application process concluded last week and the teams are being launched this week.

Deb Landry, Trish Hill and Marc Smith will be having a joint meeting of the K-2 and 3-6 RPT groups on Tuesday October 14th from 6-8 pm in the Forestdale School Library.  This meeting has two goals.  First, is to plan for the first site visit, which has been organized for Friday, October 17th in Duxbury and East Bridgewater.  This will be an all day excursion and it is understood that not all will be able to attend. A site visit will allow for various team members to observe and ask questions in a district that is also organized as two separate schools: Primary and Intermediate.

The second goal for the meeting is to create a meeting schedule for the entire team and participants are asked to bring a calendar.

The Administrative Team is very grateful to all those who volunteered for this important work. When making determinations for the group members, their goal was to  create well balanced groups with balanced representation from each of the current school communities.  A list of the Reorganization Planning Team is available here:  RPT Contacts district