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Quaker Meetinghouse Traffic

by Dr. Richard Canfield, Superintendent of Schools

The addition of grade 7 and 8 students to the campus that now houses both the STEM Academy and Sandwich High School increases the number of cars arriving on the school grounds.   This is to be expected, and traffic  backups on Quaker Meetinghouse Road are not unlike what occurs in other communities at school arrival times.

Many parents, staff and students have made  adjustments.  However, on bad weather days there will be an increase in parents driving students to school.  If your home is not near the school, and your child is not classified as a walker, one alternative is to drive your child to the bus stop rather than to the school.  Your child can still remain safe and dry in your car until the school bus arrives.  Some parents within a neighborhood may choose to share in this responsibility.   In fact, some parents do this on good weather days, and enjoy the  opportunity to spend time with their neighbors.  In doing so, it can help reduce the traffic congestion.  Parents and students need to know that the school does not penalize students that are late when these backups occur.

SHS and STEM will adhere to the longstanding practice of extending homeroom and admitting students at no penalty on all days adversely impacted by weather.  Our focus has always been and will remain on student safety for both arrivals and dismissals.

We thank you for your patience and your understanding.