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Sandwich Public Schools Summer Camps

by Joe Dowick, SPS Camps Director

Summer Camps are off to a great start at their new home at the Sandwich High School. The move to the high school campus has been a great change for our campers as they are able to become familiar with the STEM/high school campus. It has also brought with it the use of a great facility including the use of the Captain Gerald De Conto Veterans Stadium field. Campers are loving being able to be on the field and are quickly becoming comfortable using the turf.  Next year, with the repair of the pool, we plan to bring in aquatics programming in order to broaden our offerings.

Our summer camp experience is due mostly to the great staff we have running the camps on a daily basis. Our staff bring with them great experience and awesome personalities. Joey Downes and Johnny Stanton facilitate our basketball camps. They are both former SHS team captains and have outstanding skills sets.

Amy Ford oversees our fishing camp and has returned to us for the fourth season. Colleen MacDonald, a recent graduate of SHS, runs our soccer camps along with Patrick Farley who grew up in Sandwich.  Patrick is also running our Lego Robotics camps. Our Archery camp is run by Erin Gillooly who is an athletic trainer and has worked with our campers for several years.

We also have some newcomers this year. Elveera Lacina is helping to oversee our Cooking camp and Creative Kids camp. This year we had Billy Philpot come on board to facilitate our Lacrosse and Street Hockey Camps. Billy is a lacrosse coach and brings with him some great skills for the game.

I am also fortunate to have some amazing former students who are volunteering their time to help make our campers experience a great one. Aidan and Austin Philie and Konrad Knaus will be helping out in our Lacrosse camps as they are each clearly skilled and talented in the sport. Maggie Farley joins us for soccer and is helping out in other camps as well. She is talented in soccer and has shown our campers some great skills.

Some of our upcoming camps:

Archery, Basketball, Cooking, Lacrosse, Lego Robotics, Soccer, Street Hockey and Tennis

Summer camps have rolling admissions and run from 8:30 until 11:30. You can register for camps via the Sandwich Public Schools website:

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