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Marilyn Vrountas is the New Director of Pupil Services for SPS

by Dr. Richard Canfield, Superintendent – Sandwich Public Schools

I am extremely pleased to inform you that Marilyn Vrountas has officially been appointed to serve as our next Director of Pupil Services.

I also know that Matt Bridges is very pleased to have his assistant director move into the position effective July 1, 2016.  They have surely been a very capable and dynamic team.

Many of you may have come to know Marilyn  through her role as the Assistant Director of Pupil Services.  Although she has been in that role for six years, Marilyn’s career in education has actually spanned the course of 35 years and  includes a number of diverse experiences.  Marilyn has taught students of varying ages in both general education and special education settings, and has the experience of serving as a special education department chair.

In addition to her public school experience, Marilyn was the director of several programs for at-risk adolescents including a program for pregnant and parenting teenagers, a group home, and 45-day assessment program.

Throughout the interview process, Marilyn really impressed the search committee with the depth of her knowledge in both regular and special education, that has formed her thinking about department organizational models, and the essential role of Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS).

Given the breadth of her knowledge, and training, it is also impressive, that time and again, she made choices to work with some of the neediest children and families.  She is clearly a professional with a very big heart.

Marilyn earned her undergraduate degree in Education from the University of Connecticut and her Master’s degree from Endicott College.  She has been a member of our Sandwich Public School District for the last 15 years.  She is the proud mother of three sons who have graduated from the Sandwich Public Schools.

Marilyn is looking forward to taking on the challenges of her new role, and she knows that all of us in the Sandwich Public Schools are committed to supporting her success, as she supports our commitment to help every child find success within our schools and the community.

Marilyn received a congratulatory hug from Matt Bridges at Sandwich Town Hall

Marilyn received a congratulatory hug from Matt Bridges at Sandwich Town Hall