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School Calendar 2017-2018

At their March 15, 2017 meeting, the Sandwich School Committee voted to approve the School calendar for 2017-2018.

Of note:

  • School starts – for students – on September 5, 2017, the day after Labor Day.
  • The committee will consider the recommendattion of Dr. Gould that a policy be developed that if Labor Day falls before a certain date, school will start after Labor Day and if it falls after a certain date, school will start before Labor Day. This policy would allow families to plan ahead according to the calendar.


  • SHS/STEM will have Professional Development Days on the same day as the Elementary Schools, and they will be Early Release Days instead of Late Starts. 
  • The older students will now be available to help with younger siblings, and to staff after-school programs.
  • The School Committee requested that, when an Early Dismissal Professional Development Day is in a week that precedes a Monday holiday, that it be held on Friday to make a longer long weekend for families.


  • Parent/Teacher Conferences in the fall have been moved up and are now before report cards are distributed. Parents and teachers have both expressed a desire for this adjustment as a way to connect earlier in the year in support of students.

View and download the calendar here: 2017-2018 Sandwich-district-calendar Final