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School Committee Happenings – September 20, 2017

by Stephanie Hall, Sandwich School Committee Chair

Did you missed Wednesday’s meeting because of TS Jose’?? …here are some things we are working on!

*California trip, June 2017  We heard from our new 7th graders, who travelled to California in June to visit several national parks.  We are always so impressed with our students when they come to speak….  they are enthusiastic and poised.  The trip was a huge success …thank you to all involved!

*Information session by SHS staff re:  Anti-Bullying, Sexual Harassment/Assault, Suicide Prevention and more.  There are many efforts related to these topics and most importantly… many caring staff members who are prepared to help our students.  If you or your student need help in any of these areas…. please know there are people available who are trained to assist and care very much for the safety and wellbeing of our students.  They are just a visit, phone call and email away.

*Goals & Goals, again!  We finalized our SC goals in the workshop and then proudly voted to approve 2017-2018 goals for both the SC and Dr. Gould during our regular business meeting.  These goals are all robust and well-defined…. and each one is directly connected to our new District Improvement Strategy.  Please look for both sets of goals to be available on the District website, and read more about it here:    

*DESE Targeted Review   Our district was chosen randomly last Winter by DESE to participate in their Targeted Review that focused on four main areas:  Leadership & Governance, Leadership for Curriculum & Instruction, Human Resources & Professional Development and Financial & Asset Management.  This review team met with Administration, teachers, School Committee, parents and other community members and has provided the District with their observations and guidance.  Dr. Gould’s Powerpoint presentation is attached below.  The most important summary is that everything the DESE report noted was already identified by Dr. Gould and her administrative team!  Our District Improvement Strategy addresses EXACTLY the same challenges noted in this DESE report so we are very confident that we are on the correct path for success in these areas.  DESE Targeted District Review Presentation 9-20-17

*Coming up in October and Beyond:  In October, we will learn more about Social & Emotional Learning and how our administrators and teachers incorporate best practices into each aspect of our students’ learning experience.  The principals and building administrators will be sharing examples of this type of learning at their grade levels.  In November, SC members hope to attend faculty meetings, as we did last year to visit with staff and get their feedback on the year so far.

As always, we welcome your input and participation!  Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 10/4/17 7pm at Sandwich Town Hall – there will be two public forums available.  You can watch the meeting on SCTV, Channel 14, view online anytime at and email the SC at

Hope to see you!