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Introducing Kimberly Earle, Speech Language Therapist at Forestdale!

What inspired you to be an educator?

Connection. As a speech language therapist, I loved the idea of working in a school and being able to see the children I support everyday! I also felt I could have a greater impact than if I worked in a clinic or in private practice. I would be able to work with children with their peers, and collaborate with their teachers! What a great way to generalize skills and build confident communicators!

Why did you choose Sandwich for this stage of your professional journey?

I Love Sandwich! I live in Sandwich and my family has a long history with the Sandwich Public Schools, as both students and teachers. My son currently attends The STEM Academy and last year my daughter graduate with SHS Pride. Through the years, I have been thrilled with the level of commitment and connection teachers have made with my kids and myself. Both of my children have had special relationships with teachers that I know significantly influenced who they are. I was just going to list a few here, but the list got too long! I also noted that teachers stay in Sandwich, so the district must value their staff respect their professional opinion.

Can you share a fond memory of yourself as a student at the same grade level you now teach?

My favorite days in elementary schools were pajama days, classmates birthdays and playing 7-Up. I also think fondly of my kindergarten and first grade teachers who supported me when learning to read was so hard. I remember the extra time they spent with me made me feel like I was special, not needy.

What is the most important thing you have learned about teaching so far? About learning?

Everyone learns and everyone has something to teach. I have become comfortable with admitting there are things I need to learn and with asking and collaborating with the other talented people in my building. Seeing that I have been here for just about two months, that is a true testimony of the level of support at the Forestdale School. It really does feel like a family.

What is your favorite type of technology in or out of the classroom?

Given that my focus is communication, the majority of time I spend with students is tech free, as we are working on conversation, language comprehension and social interaction. I do love the ease and availability of using the iPad for video modeling and voice recording. Technology does have a significant place for our nonverbal or verbally limited population whose use of technology opens their world to connecting, communicating and learning. iPads have also turned the once time consuming task of creating icons and picture boards, into a snap! And then there’s Pinterest!

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of school?

I love board games, yoga, hiking, baking and reading. Someday I will love running and playing the guitar.

What would you like our community to know about teachers in the Sandwich schools?

They care a lot for your kids and seem to be always trying to make improvements to best reach and impact them. Their job changes with societal shifts and their love of children drive them to shift too. They teach reading, math, hygiene, friendship, empathy, patience, persistence, resilience, responsibility, responsibility in social media, personal health, self-worth and that with hard work comes success. They are creative. They work really hard. They strive to make every child feel special, because they know that’s when they learn best.