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2018 Volunteer of the Year, Lolly Warner!

by Chris Dintino, Principal of the Forestdale School

Seventeen years ago, Julie Crosby was hired by the town of Sandwich as a 2nd grade teacher at the Forestdale School. That’s when her mom, “Lolly” started volunteering every Wednesday in her classroom. Lolly is a mother of five, a grandmother of twelve, and a great-grandmother of twelve. Lolly is a patient woman with a heart that wants to touch as many lives on this earth. She leaves a lasting impression on the people she comes in contact with especially the children because of her kindness, patience, and thoughtfulness.
Her presence in the Sandwich School community doesn’t go unnoticed. You can see her in the hallways being greeted by students with smile and hugs. She returns those smiles and hugs. In the classroom, for all these years she has been like a grandmother or great-grandmother image to the children. On Wednesdays, when the door opens and in walks Lolly, you can hear all the children say – LOLLY with great excitement. The students love to spend time with her. She is a great listener and they have many stories to tell. Lolly is a world traveler. When she returns from her trips, she enjoys doing presentations for the children with pictures, artifacts, and always a doll from that country. A few times, she brought children’s clothing back and she would have the children dress in that country’s clothing.
When Julie (Mrs. Crosby) was at the Wing School, Lolly designed and planted a garden with the help of all the children. I was right outside the teachers’ lunchroom so they could enjoy it while they ate their lunches. Every Wednesday, she would take groups of children out to the garden to learn about plants and their needs. They would weed, plant, and water. This instilled teamwork, cooperation, the love of nature and exploration. Here at Forestdale, she takes the children out to their flower bed to plant and maintain it. However, more time is spent in the classroom listening to children read and helping them with their work. She also fills each and every child’s portfolio with their work.
Lolly continues to drive herself to the Forestdale School every Wednesday! She has touched so many children as well as adults in the past 17 years. Her daughter has really enjoyed sharing her with everyone at Forestdale and Wing! It’s not often that a daughter can take her mom to work every Wednesday! Lolly has been faithful volunteer for all these years. We appreciate all you have done for the children of Sandwich!