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Sandwich Public Schools Launches New Financial Transparency Center

We’re excited to announce our new Financial Transparency Center so you can learn more about our school district’s budget, demographics, staffing trends, test performance and more (link to this:

Using ClearGov as a tool allows the district – and the public – to understand the district’s budget and needs over time.  It also includes comparisons to other districts, even those that have not chosen to subscribe to ClearGov.  We are providing comparisons to other districts on the Cape, since that is the frame of reference most often used by Sandwich citizens.

We will be continuing to add to the information on our ClearGov site, as we learn all of its features. Stay tuned for a “Projects” section, which will allow us to feature special projects that are happening in the district and will include plans, timelines and more. There is even an option for readers to subscribe for specific project updates via email.

We would love to hear what you think about this new tool. Contact Pam Gould with your thoughts at