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National Language Exam Results from STEM/SHS

by Jeanne Nelson, World Language Department Chair
We are proud and excited to announce our results in the National Langauge Exams.
Following are the results from the 2019 National Spanish Exam.
While only a small pool of students took the Spanish exam this year, SHS had impressive results:
– 1 Gold medal
– 1 Silver medal
– 3 Bronze medals
– 2 Honorable Mention
In regard to the National Latin Exam results, SHS / STEM Academy earned:
– 1 Silver Maxima Cum Laude
– 2 Magna Cum Laude
– 1 Blue Certificate of Merit
– 2 Intro (Ribbon + Certificate)
– 5 Intro (Certificate)
Next year, all Latin, French and Spanish students in both SHS and STEM Academy will participate in the National Exams.