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Getting to Know: Jamie Conners – School Psychologist – SHS/STEM Academy

By Dr. Ellin Booras

Jamie begins her career as a School Psychologist after completing her Masters in School Psychology from the University of Hartford with a minor in Clinical Child Counseling.  She also completed the 6th year program allowing her to complete an extensive internship at Glastonbury High School where she performed the divide array of duties attributed to a school psychologist. Ms. Conners earned her Bachelors Degree from St. Anselm College. She will serve as the TEAM chair for the high school and provide services for students grades 7-12. Ms. Conners academic credentials are excellent as are her work samples.

Ms. Conners answered a few questions to help the SPS Community get to know her.

What excites you about teaching (school psychology) in Sandwich?

As the new school psychologist, I am excited to work with the Sandwich Public School community. I am most excited to meet new students, faculty, and families.

What is your favorite teaching memory from the past few years?

My favorite memory over the past few years has been greeting students in the morning. A warm hello is the best way to start each day.

What is your favorite memory as a student?

My teacher once made a really loud noise and all the students turned to look at him. When asked why he made the noise, he said he chooses, on occasion, to embarrass himself on purpose. He explained that there are times when you will mess up, be embarrassed and feel a little awkward because that is life. So he embraces the awkward moments and moves on. I just loved that lesson.

What might we be surprised to know about you?

I love outdoor activities including hiking, running, swimming, and kayaking.