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Honoring the Impact of an Extraordinary Educator

Today is Patrice Hurley’s last day with us as Principal of the Oak Ridge School.  Mrs. Hurley’s colleagues are sharing their thoughts and feelings about her as they bid her farewell.

From Dr. Canfield, Superintendent

Patrice Hurley is the consummate professional.   The depth and breadth of her knowledge and experience has been  openly shared with the Oak Ridge School community, and she leaves an indelible mark on the entire district as we have benefited from her leadership in a variety of district initiatives.  She cares very deeply about the children , teachers, and parents in her school community.   She has a can do attitude, is compassionate, and when challenges arise, she is a calming presence; patient and blessed with common sense.  Her positive outlook is based on a belief and commitment that by working together we can all be better for the children we teach.

From Joan Caulkins, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Canfield

Patrice, you “fit in” from day one.  You were just what the district ordered!  And although your tenure has been a short one, you will be a beautiful legend.  I want to personally thank you for the support, guidance and encouragement you have provided me.  I hope you never forget us.  Best of luck and happiness always.  Love,  Joan Caulkins

From Judi Fish, Secretary – Oak Ridge School 

Mrs. Hurley is an extraordinary person that you are lucky if you have the privilege of meeting in your lifetime.  I feel lucky to have not only met her but have had the honor of working with.  She has a genuine kind and compassionate heart and greets the children, staff and community with a heartfelt smile and greeting every day.  She has a kind and calming effect on the children when needed most. While Mrs. Hurley has only been with us a short time yet it feels like a lifetime friendship.

From Trish Hill, Principal – Oak Ridge School

I have said to others that Patrice is the definition of grace.  She is generous in words and deeds.  Her kind, gentle manner always gives others the feeling that they are valued and important.  She always sees the best in people and goes into every situation presuming positive intentions.  She is one of a kind and we are all better for having known her.

From Marian MacPherson, Assistant Principal – Oak Ridge School

Remembering my first impression of Patrice Hurley include images of an intelligent, refined, articulate person who conveyed a deep knowledge and enthusiasm for education.  Each conversation I have had with Patrice leaves me feeling as though I have learned something that has been expressed with insight and often a measure of humor, Patrice has left a legacy of strong values, encouragement, empathy and friendship.  I have gained a valued friend in Patrice, who will continue to be an important part of my life.

From Dr. Ellin Booras, Principal – Sandwich High School

Within a few minutes of meeting Patrice Hurley, I knew that Sandwich school district received a wonderful gift. Personally and professionally, my life was enriched with a new and dear friend with whom I resonated immediately. Patrice is bright, kind, intuitive, compassionate, and gracious.  Watching  her  interact with colleagues, parents, and especially the children was a treasured opportunity. I so admire her poise and exceptional interpersonal skills. I especially love her special ability to make everyone in a crowded room or at a lively meeting feel like they are the only person in her world. She has a remarkable ability to listen, to process, and to send the message to one and all that their voice matters and their opinion has value. Our team became better and stronger the day she took the helm at the Oak Ridge School.  While the time I was privileged to be her colleague was far too short, the time ahead to remain her friend is a life-long gift.

Thank you, Patrice, for so many long afternoons of wonderful conversation, sharing of ideas, collegial feedback, and a sharing of our mutual  love of  supporting teaching and learning. Your impact on our schools will be your proud legacy. It has been a true honor and privilege to share in your journey.

With gratitude, admiration and profound respect,

Ellin and the SHS community.