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Oak Ridge Gardens Funded by Generous Local Donors

by Ann Kelly, Math Teacher – Oak Ridge
I received two wonderful grants from the Cape Cod 5  last year.

painting 4 (1)The first one was for $125 with which the painting sub committee of the 5th and 6th grade student council repainted the U.S. map on the cement entrance.


Map #1

The second was for $500 dollars and that was used to create our sundial garden.

The sundial garden was also supported by Russo’s Cape Cod Bark and Landscaping  on rt. 130, Forestdale.  PJ Russo, the owner, was amazingly generous.  He gave us materials at cost or just plain donated items.  About 30 children and who calculated the area and radius,  delineated the time by the hour, and planted along side their parents, Khols employees,  and Brian Kelly that cool day of April vacation.                                                  t

Sundial Garden #2 Oct 2014

October 2014


Sundial Garden #4

The sundial








Because of his generosity, our volunteers of students and parents were also able to renew the memory garden at the entrance of Oak Ridge.

We also want to thank Khols Department store, who donated five hours of employee volunteer labor and $1000. This was part of their nation wide “Go Green” program.

We know that it takes a village to make great things happen and some of the folks in our Oak Ridge village include Jim Cote and his son Ben who worked on a Saturday with their truck to pull the roots  of old stubborn Rosa Ragusa in the Front Memorial Garden.   The Reiber and Davis families  chopped up the wild cherry that was growing alongside and competing with the Oak Ridge Oak in the memorial garden!

Also, for many years, the Sandwich Garden Club has made a donation to our school to support our gardening efforts. We appreciate all our donors and hope they feel pride when they see what their generosity has brought to our school.
Fall Garden #1

The Front Garden – The Memory Garden – at Oak Ridge October 2014

Fall Garden #5

The Memorial Bench in honor of Oak Ridge Principal Mary Celeta