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Superintendent’s Report November 5, 2014 – Video Presentation from SCT

This video presentation of the Superintendent’s Report includes:

A report from School Resource Officer Christa Cabral about a new protocol for responding to school intruders called ALICE.

ALICE is: Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate and is characterized as a more active response to danger than the previously adopted lockdown procedures.

Officer Cabral reported on the training she did with the SHS and STEM Academy teachers and staff in October and the plans for training the teachers and staff at the  Elementary Schools.  You can learn more about ALICE here and read an article from the Sandwich Enterprise about the training at SHS and the STEM Academy, which was supported by law enforcement and fire department personnel from all over the Cape and beyond.

The ALICE website has a section dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions and also a page about the Age Appropriateness of the protocols that may be of interest to families.

A Discussion of the Calendar for the FY16 Budget – a timetable that includes School Committee meetings, along with joint meetings with the Finance Committee and the Board of Selectmen. (15:50-39:20)

Reorganization Planning Team (RPT) Update on the site visits to districts with PreK-2 and Gr 3-5 schools that have been undertaken by the RPTs. Dr. Canfield shared some of the qualitative and quantitative information that was gathered to help inform the reorganization of our schools. There was also a discussion about the move of many Cape districts (and districts nationwide) to change start times at all levels, moving the HS start time later and the Elementary start times earlier. Dr. Canfield raised the question for consideration and asked the committee to think about this well-researched concept. (39:20-55:00)

A report regarding the first three months of Sandwich Learns Together (55:00-end)

Click here to watch the Superintendent’s Report during the School Committee Meeting. 

Many thanks to Sandwich Community Television for providing us with this clip. You can watch the entire School Committee meeting, as well as meetings of all the town boards On Demand at