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Pool Opening Delayed – November 25, 2014

by Dr. Richard Canfield, Superintendent

As with any construction project, there are mandated inspections that must be completed in order to receive a certificate of occupancy from the building inspector’s office.  These inspections are done to help ensure the safe use of the facility.

During a required electrical inspection it was determined that some pool equipment lacked the proper bonding, or grounding, for safe use.  Many of these issues involve original equipment, but regardless of the origin of the issues, they must be addressed.  An electrical engineer met with the electrical inspector for the purpose of developing a plan to address the inspector’s safety concerns.  Once the plan is reviewed and approved by the inspector, the work will begin.  Once completed, it will be inspected again prior to granting the occupancy permit.  It is projected that this work can be completed by the end of next week with a goal, and we emphasize goal, of accessing the pool by December 8.

Everyone wants to begin the use of the pool as our swim team season starts on December 1, with the first meet scheduled later in December.  Coach Compton is aware of the circumstances and will be communicating with our competitive swimmers and divers.