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Celebrating Harold Weekes ~ Taking Care of the Sandwich Public Schools for 30 years!

by Marc J. Smith

On Tuesday December 9th, the Town of Sandwich and the Sandwich Public Schools came together to honor their employees for their years of service. Marc Smith, Principal at Forestdale, prepared these remarks to honor Mr. Weekes.

A conversation with Mr. Weekes is not complete until it is punctuated by a thoughtful pause.  His pensive, methodical approach to each situation that arises within a building brings great comfort to a building principal.  His extensive knowledge, thoughtful approach and calm demeanor are fantastic attributes that have helped to keep the Forestdale School running at top form since it opened nearly 25 years ago.
A lover of irony and a master of playful sarcasm, Mr. Weekes has supported a positive school culture at the Forestdale School since the doors first opened.  A lesser known fact about Mr. Weekes is his passion for Star Trek; and surely the Forestdale School has lived long and prospered under his care.