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Q + A from Preschoolers about Kindergarten

Prior to Kindergarten Information Night on Wednesday March 4th , Principal Marc Smith visited Sandwich’s local preschools to introduce himself, as well as  the new full-day kindergarten program at Forestdale.  He has made a short informational video explaining his vision for Full Day Kindergarten.

Mr. Smith shared a little information about  getting ready for school, read a story about the first day of Kindergarten, and then answered questions from his “audience” of four & 5 year olds. Below are some of the very good inquiries children made of Mr. Smith, as well as his replies.

  • Is there naptime at Kindergarten? (Most frequently asked question)
    • No, but there is a quiet time each day.
  • What else will we do there?
    • You will listen to stories, build with blocks, paint and sing- like you do here, because you are getting all ready for kindergarten. But you will learn also how to read and write stories, learn about shapes for building, plus do science experiments and use numbers for counting.
  • Are there children who be nervous there?
    • Yes, some children may be nervous at first, but there are lots of teachers and adults, including myself, Miss Lauren and Mr. D. who are there to make them feel comfortable.
  • Who is Mr. D.?
    • We call Mr. Dintino that for short. He is my helper in making sure everyone is safe and happy at our school. He is a big guy, like the biggest teddy-bear you’d ever see.
      • Follow-up Question:  Does he have really big teeth too?
        • No, he has regular, people-size teeth, but a really big smile.
  • Who will my teacher be in Kindergarten?
    • We have 11 really great Kindergarten teachers, but right now, we don’t know just who your teacher will be, BUT you will also have a Music teacher for a special class just on Music, and an Art teacher, for a special class just with Art, and a gym class in our big gymnasium- a room just for running, jumping and playing games!
  • Is there a teacher who can help you with your reading when you can’t remember what the letters say?
    • Yes! That is one of our favorite things to do!
  • Are there (com) ‘puters there? How many?
    • We have two rooms full of computers, and we have computers on carts that go into your classroom.
      • Follow-up Question: Can you ride on the carts?
        • No, they are for the computers only.
  • Will I be in the same class with my friends?
    • Some of your friends may be in your class, but even if they are not, you will see them at lunch, or recess or on the bus. And you will get a chance to make so many NEW friends, because that’s what’s so great about going off to school. You meet great new students and teachers.
  • What’s recess?
    • Recess is when you go outside to play. In August, we will have a Kindergarten Play Date, so that you can see how much fun it will be at school every day.
  • Do Kindergartners ride on the bus with the big kids?
    • Yes, but they have seats right up at the front. We are going to have a special time before school starts that you can take a ride on the bus to try it out.
  • Can I eat my peanut butter sandwich there?
    • Yes, but you might not be able to have a peanut butter snack in your classroom if there is someone there that nuts would make sick. You can also buy a hot lunch at school.
  • Do they have hot dogs for lunch?
    • Yes, and pizza too, and lots more choices on something called a menu that is a paper that goes home to your family to decide about.

I think it is fair to say that Mr. Smith had a terrific day with the preschoolers! Thanks to Lauren Melillo, of Sandwich Partnership for Families, for the photos and for transcribing these wonderful conversations.

Marc with preschoolers #1


Marc with preschoolers #5 Marc's visit - chart