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A Beautiful Spring Day at Oak Ridge!

The day begins. When students come off the bus, they are greeted by an Oak Ridge Staff Member…..

Buses #6

Buses #5Buses #1Buses #2


Arriving #3

Arriving #4

Some students get dropped off and cannot wait to get to school!

Running toward a day of learning


The Beautiful Sundial Garden was created by Mrs. Ann Kelly and a team of students and parents last spring and summer. It actually works! Look at the shadow….

Sundial #5Sundial #4

You can learn more about Mrs. Kelly’s gardens and all who helped make them happen here.  The generosity of donors and the effort of all our volunteers is inspiring!  You will see the “before” photos to match the “after” photos of the Sun Dial Garden and the US Map above.

And when you step inside Oak Ridge, a colorful and creative display of student art greets you….

Art Display

Kindergarten students enjoyed the beautiful day with lunch outside at the picnic tables!

K at Lunch #2

K at Lunch #4 K at Lunch #3K at Lunch #5

K at Lunch #6