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SHS Summer Reading 2015

By Bethany Phillips, SHS & STEM Academy Library Media Specialist

As a first year teachers at Sandwich High School, I am excited to be a part of a summer reading program that promotes a love of reading by focusing on student choice. This summer, as in previous years, students will choose their summer reading book from a list of 30 titles generated from faculty and student input, representing a range of interest levels. Click here for the list of books.

The summer reading program will follow a book club model. In the fall, students will participate in a book discussion with their advisory group. A teacher or previously selected junior or senior will facilitate each book discussion. Before the discussion session, these selected juniors and seniors will take part in facilitation training. Students are to come to the book discussion with an artifact they can share with their advisory. This artifact can be a piece of artwork, a paragraph on a memorable quote, or a book recommendation.

Students are able to peruse the list of books on the Summer Reading list posted above. By June 5th students will make their summer reading selection in advisory.

Just as parents guide their teenagers concerning television, movies, and music, we encourage parents to guide students about the types of books that they read for pleasure. We suggest that each parent and teen work together in making an appropriate choice. We also encourage you to read the book with your child and have a discussion about it at home.

How exciting to continue to create a school-wide community of readers!