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Science in 2nd Grade – Always Engaging When Mrs. Beers is Around!

by Paula Chambers, PK-6 Science Curriculum Coordinator

Mary Beers, from the Thornton Burgess Society/Green Briar Nature Center, shared her knowledge and expertise at Forestdale again this month.  We are lucky to have such a dedicated member of our community who creates meaningful interactive “in house” and “in the field” experiences for Sandwich students of all ages.

Mrs. Beers trained and coordinated a group of volunteers to guide the children through erosion simulations. Volunteers included parents, staff members and Sandwich High School students  (from Mr. Dumas’s Earth and Space Science class).  The 2nd grade students were delighted by the opportunity to be scientists in the investigation stations.

Thanks to the teachers and volunteers there were plenty of hands on deck as second graders conducted experiments with sand, wind, water, rocks and sugar cubes in the multipurpose room.
The activities helped students to better understand what’s happening at our local beaches and the natural processes of weathering and erosion  that are at work all over the world.




Learn more about the Green Briar Nature Center here: