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SHS Teacher of the Year – Mary Kelly!

On September 28, at the District Convocation marking the opening of school for the 2017-2018 year, SHS Assistant Principal Anne Wagner spoke from the heart about SHS Teacher of the Year, Mary Kelly. Mary is a Computer Science teacher at SHS, and was previously a technology teacher at HT Wing. Following are some of Anne Wagner’s notes for her talk…. 
Mary Kelly has been at SHS since 2002, and is now entering her 16th year.
Things to know about Mary Kelly:
  • Always puts students at the forefront of what she does.
  •  Forward thinking in terms of new curriculum initiatives – driving forces for bringing computer science and computer programming to SHS.
  •  Remains current in research and pedagogy by taking courses and participating in webinars and networking with educators from around the globe.
  •  Past two years – courses through Microsoft and Harvard in order to introduce AP Computer Science Principles at SHS – a brand new AP offering and we were part of the inaugural cohort.  Mary’s students performed very well on the AP exam.
  •  Mary is also involved in extracurricular activities with our students.  She has been the student Advisor to the Student Council for the past 8 years.  She empowers her students and epitomizes what an advisor should be.  She advises and guides the students and allows them to make decisions about their activitities and events they organize.
  • Mary is a member of the technology team at SHS/STEM.  She has devoted countless hours supporting students, staff, and parents in the use of 1:1 devices at SHS/STEM.  Mary is always willing to help a colleague in need of her technical expertise.
 Said one of her colleagues, “Mary is a kind sould, a voice of reason, and a no-nonsense individual.  Her ability to focus on what is important and get the job done is what makes her one of the most outstanding faculty members at SHS.”
Congratulations Mary Kelly!