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Welcome to all the new staff members at Oak Ridge!

Oak Ridge is welcoming 21 new staff members. Thanks to those who crouched down so everyone could fit in the photo!

At the New Teacher Orientation on August 28, 2017, Oak Ridge Principal Trish Hill introduced her new staff members to the Sandwich Public Schools U-Knighted community.

Lynn Barrett- Lynn has been working as an ESP at Forestdale. She has a strong background in social work, mother of 5 and described herself as unflappable.  She was already working for the district and came so highly recommended by Chris Dintino that I hired her on the spot.  She was chocked up and joked, “so much for being unflappable!”  But that what makes offering someone a job so special.

Liz Beloin:  Liz comes to us from Connecticut, and is from a long line of teachers.  In fact she mentioned during her interview that in her family, you either have to play golf or be a teacher or you get disowned.  Luckily, she does both.  While speaking with her principal in Connecticut, he raved about her saying she was one of the best young educators he had ever seen during his tenure.   I found myself consoling him on his loss.  

Alexis Bronner:  Alexis has been a part of the Oak Ridge family for a few years now.  I’ve had the priviledge of working with Alexis on behalf of some of our most students and I can tell you she is amazing.  She treats children with such kindness and respect.  I knew once she got her certification that it was only a matter of time before someone snatched her up.  I’m proud to say I beat them all too it and she’s decided to add special education teacher to her repetoire.

Mary Casali-  Mary is formerly a staff member of the Wing School. I often joke if Matt Bridges hired you for the Wing school, you have something special.  She clearly does.  Her positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Sonja D’Agelelo:  Sonja has wanted to be a teacher for a long time, and switched careers to follow her passion.  We are so happy to have that dream realized for her at the Oak Ridge School.  She and her fiance have been coming in all summer long trying to make the classroom just so for her students.

Rene Delman:  Rene has been job sharing for us this past year.  We are fortunate to say she is  moving to full time.  Marilyn once described her as among the best special educators she’s ever seen and I couldn’t agree more.

Kelly Donovan-   is a Mom, Sandwich resident,  and is returning to the world of education .  She is a highly experienced special educator having worked with high need students at both Kennedy Donovan and the Latham Center

Sharon Dumas:  Sharon has been well known in Sandwich, first for her work at the Wing school and then at the STEM Academy.  Now I know all of the schools are supposed to be supportive of one another, but I have to tell you I did take great satisfaction in swooping her away from STEM and over to Oak Ridge.  She is going to be an amazing addition to the staff.

Olivia Goddard:  Oliva did her practicuum with us in the area of Special Education, she has been working with students at the Riverview School while she completed her degree in Elementary Education.  We are fortunate to benefit from her experience and bring her back to the Oak Ridge school this time as a Special Education teacher.

Brittni Hammond:  Brittni has been part of the Oak Ridge family as an ESP.  As an ESP she was flexible, supportive of students and positive.  It wasn’t until I got to see her teach that a saw her amazing capabilities in the classroom.  She is thoughtful, engaging and has a wonderful rapport with students.  I’m so grateful that this opportunity allowed us to bring her to the teaching staff.

Lisa Kent:  Lisa is a life saver, last year when we had an emergency opening in a substantially seperate special education classroom.  She not only stepped in without skipping a beat, but she did it beautifully.  She was amazing with parents and students alike.  Her students love the creation station, opportunities for real world learning and the community she built.  When I had the chance to permanently add her to the teaching staff , I jumped at the chance.

Maureen Norton- known as a wonderful Sub, she is an experienced educator and although we will miss her as one of our most reliable and flexible subs, we are grateful to have her on staff.

Kara Ross:  Although already a highly experienced Speech and Language Pathologist, Kara comes to us from the clinical setting.   Long wanting to work in a school setting, Kara will add her experience and expertise to the Oak Ridge family.

Sara Sangaghi:  Sara comes to us from Maryland.  We were so excited to meet her during her interview that the team said they wanted to chase her down in the parking lot to offer her the job.  We we didn’t do that but I did catch her just before she boarded her flight back!

Mike Schmich:  Mike was a real find.  He was the first interview of the day and unfortunately for all of the other candidates, the one to beat every time.  We kept on saying…yeah, they’re good but they’re not as good as Mike.    Mike’s energy and passion for wellness was contagious and outshined all other candidates.

Taylor Sheehan: Taylor is new to the Oak Ridge family and joins us as a special educator.  She is the child of two special education teachers and has a love of working with children.  Taylor impressed the committee with her knowledge and experience for such a young educator.

Cynthia Tarnowski:  Cynthia is a new ESP, M.Ed. in Early Childhood and Creative Arts in Learning through Lesley University , SEI Endorsement. She’s been a Title I Math Tutor and a Special Education TA

Sara Unroe:  Sara joins us from Alabama where she was recently named her district’s teacher of the year.  She also is recently married to a military man and has found her way up to the Cape.  When we interviewed Sara, the team was so excited about the opportunity to learn from this exciting new educator.  I also needed to console her principal on his loss.

Robyn Wood:  Robyn recently moved to Sandwich with her husband hoping to find a place to continue her teaching career.  Little did she know that soon she’d be able to walk to work.  Robyn is going to be such a wonderful addition to Oak Ridge.  She is an experienced educator, enthusiastic and warm.  When I offered her the job, she asked me if she could hug me.  As a principal,  there is nothing better than giving someone a job, especially when it comes with a hug.