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Getting to Know: Maria Cahill – SHS & STEM English Department

Ms. Cahill is a proud graduate of the Wing School, as well as SHS.

by Dr. Ellin Booras

Known by faculty and staff as an inspiring and dynamic young woman, Ms. Cahill is a welcome and wonderful addition to Sandwich High School. A 2010 graduate of Sandwich High School, Ms. Cahill has fulfilled her aspirations to someday return to SHS, where she was an outstanding student leader and architect of Blue Knight Pride, and to join its faculty. Ms. Cahill served as a peer advisor while at Bridgewater, she worked as a clinician in the Children’s Physical Development Clinic, served as a tutor to college students who were struggling in the entry level courses, and worked in School on Wheels through which she was able to impact urban children who were homeless. We are very excited to welcome Ms. Cahill  back and we are eager to provide her with rich experiences and support as she begins her teaching career.

Ms. Cahill will be teaching at SHS and will also teach an elective at the STEM Academy. To help the entire community get to know her, Ms. Cahill answered a few questions for us.


What excites you most about teaching in Sandwich?

Being a product of Sandwich Public Schools myself, I feel extremely excited and grateful to begin my teaching career back where I began my love of learning! It is wonderful (and a little odd!) to be back at Sandwich High School from a teacher’s perspective. I am most excited about working with faculty I am now honored to call colleagues, and engaging with the wonderful students Sandwich has to offer. It’s not a bad place to be!

What is your favorite teaching memory from the past few years?

As a first year teacher, I have no “real” experience teaching, but I did complete my student teaching of which I have fond memories. One of my favorite moments from that was when my students in one class presented me with a letter on my final day before graduation. The letter was signed by them all, and expressed how they felt that I truly cared about them, related to them, and gave them a reason to enjoy learning. This meant the world to me, for isn’t that what it’s all about?

What is your favorite memory as a student?

Wow- this is a tough one! Overall, my favorite student experiences were the ones I had at Sandwich High School. I am fortunate to say that I truly had an incredible high school experience, which led me to pursue teaching as a career. The connections and relationships with teachers, especially my English ones, helped me gain much needed confidence and ambition to pursue my dreams. And look at me now!

What might we be surprised to know about you?

Since many of you already know me (or know me as Shaun and Lisa’s daughter/John’s sister), it’s hard to think of something that might be surprising! I suppose a fun fact might be that I was originally an Elementary Education major at Bridgewater State University, but quickly realized Secondary Ed. was where I needed to be. You might also be surprised to learn that I student taught at a vocational-technical high school in South Easton and absolutely loved it!