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Environmental Awareness Club Presents to School Committee Feb 11, 2015

On February 11, 2015,  Cameron Ottaviano spoke on behalf of the STEM Academy Environmental Awareness Club. The club advisor is 7th grade Science Teacher Renee Fudala and new members are always welcome
You can watch Cameron’s presentation, as part of the STEM Advisory Board’s presentation at 44:22 at this link.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Environmental Awareness Club is to promote environmental responsibility within the STEM school community.  The STEM Environmental Awareness Club will work to model and encourage ecological practices consistent with sustainable living including, but not limited to: conservation of natural resources, green gardening, waste recycling and reduction, energy conservation, protection of our natural environment.

Some of our projects and activities will include:

  • Received Climate Stewardship program grant through the NOAA
  • National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration for $2,000 to work on designing and building the school STEM garden
  • Using an underwater robotic glider in the swimming pool
  • Tidal gauge to monitor tidal range at Scorton Creek with scientist.
  • Promote recycling and conservation
  • School beautification
  • Constructing bird houses for the school
  • Making Ecology Club website
  • Head-start animals such as the Spadefoot toad
  • Field Trips
 Mrs. Fudala would love to talk about the club with anyone who is interested in supporting it and/or interested in joining. You can reach her at
Gardening Club #2 Feb 2015

Here’s another photo of Cameron speaking; you can see Ms. Fudala looking on with pride in the background.